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Furniture Looks Better and Lasts Longer with Fabric Protector

Your furniture is one of the largest investments you make in your beautiful home interior. And you definitely want to keep your valuable couches, loveseats, chairs, and other upholstered furniture looking great and stain-free — looking as beautiful as the day you brought them into your home.

Most furniture comes with fabric protection applied by the manufacturer when it's brand new, but it will usually wear off from regular use over a period of 1 to 2 years, depending on the use of the furniture. A significant amount of the original protector can be worn out and needs to be reapplied.

There are a variety of protectors that you can buy at the store — such as spray cans of Scotchgard — that some homeowners use to restore the protector on their furniture. But these are also temporary, and they must be applied evenly and properly to be effective.

Under-applying protector doesn’t allow for complete penetration of the fibers. Over-applying protector causes the furniture to become overly stiff and crusty.

And there are concerns about the ingredients in protectors like Scotchgard, that can be toxic and harmful to your family and the environment.

A Better Fabric Protector
Solution for Houston

fabric protected against spills Houston Specialist

My Pro Cleaner™ has a far better solution to offer you.

I’m highly trained and I've invested in professional equipment to professionally protect your home's most valuable furniture, textiles, fabrics and fibers. They will all benefit from a high-quality fabric protector.

The formulas that I meticulously research and choose can be used on virtually any type of upholstery material — including silk, chenille, wool, cotton, and all types of polyester blends.

I also use a specific formula that is perfect for leather, aniline leather, nubuck, distressed leather, and suede. This formula protects leather against spills and body oils that normally discolor leather. Leather needs to breathe. Unlike other leather guards, I use solutions that do not seal the leather, so it stays soft for the life of the leather.

We can protect new or just-cleaned furniture. And once the protector dries (in about 6 hours), it will leave a layer of protection that will help you maintain your fine furniture with ease.

When you are ready, give us a call, and we will schedule an appointment to come to your home or office, at your convenience, to safely and professionally apply stain protection for your valuable furniture.

My Pro Cleaner™ protects sofas, couches, lounges, chairs, and other cushions — even patio furniture, and your prized heirloom pieces.

The Benefits of having
Professionally Applied
Fabric Protector

It's long-lasting. It doesn't need to be reapplied for 5-7 years, depending on the material and the usage. Unlike other products, the protector I use will not wear off quickly from regular use, and it won't be removed by professional deep upholstery cleanings.

It permanently guards against all kinds of water and oil-based spills. It repels coffee, wine, salad oil, pet stains, grass stains, blood stains, greasy foods, soft drinks, juices, and many more common household spills.

Great looking furniture can be ruined by an ugly stain. Unprotected furniture doesn't effectively repel spills without protector applied. Protector will give you time to simply wipe up spills before the stain can set, therefore helping you to avoid permanent staining. Most spills can be removed easily with just a clean cloth and a little water.

I only use safe and effective formulas for you and for the environment.

Scotchgard is the most familiar name in fabric protection, because the 3M company has marketed the product for decades to make it a household name. But there are questions about its safety to individuals and the environment due to the PFASs that it contains.

Fabric protector makes your next professional cleaning more effective.

Having protector applied to your furniture will enhance your next professional upholstery cleaning, because stains and soil will not set as easily or penetrate as deeply as it can on unprotected furniture.

Avoid costly service calls for stains and accidents. You’ll always want to call us as soon as possible to help you handle any spot that you cannot remove yourself. But with permanent protector, you may be able to save a service call charge by easily removing the spot yourself.

Houston's Fabric Protection
Specialist answers
Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cause any damage to my other furnishings?

No. Although we always protect nearby furnishings with drop cloths, our protector will not cause any damage to other materials on or near the furniture being treated.

How long after treatment can I use my furniture?

After we apply the protector, we recommend letting it dry for about 6 hours.

Will the Protector change the look or feel of my furniture?

No. Many other fabric treatments contain silicone and other chemicals that can cause a slight yellowing of the fabric. My Pro Cleaner™, however, will only use high-quality protectors that will not change the feel or color of even the finest furniture fabrics.


Having professionally-applied, quality, permanent protector can extend the lifespan of your furniture, it can make your professional cleaning more effective, and it can prevent staining, making your furniture look great for much longer.

If you have any questions about how My Pro Cleaner™ of Houston can professionally and safely apply permanent fabric protection on your furniture, give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

If you have invested in fine furniture, it will highly benefit from a reliable high-quality fabric protector, professionally applied by a trained specialist. My Pro Cleaner™ is Houston's fabric care specialist.

Houston Area Residents: Give us a call today for a FREE ESTIMATE, and to schedule a convenient appointment for professional protector application for your furniture upholstery. Just tell us what you want to protect, and we'll give you a free estimate over the phone and answer any questions you may have.

... and if you have any questions about this article, or anything related to cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, and maintaining a healthy beautiful home, please feel free to give me a call, and let's talk!

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