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Josh Almanza, My Pro Cleaning Expert

Hello to my Cypress Texas neighbors. My name is Josh Almanza, and I am the owner of My Pro Cleaner™, serving Cypress TX since 2004. My Pro Cleaner™'s mission has truly been to provide a top-rated full-service carpet cleaning experience for Cypress residents and businesses to achieve extraordinary results and to provide friendly expert customer service. I think of carpet cleaning as the craft and the science of achieving the cleanest and healthiest results possible in a carpet cleaning job..

I take great pride in all the services I provide and in my business, my work, and my customer service. I am committed to using the best equipment and cleaning solutions to provide the Cypress TX community with the highest standard of carpet cleaning and fabric care for your home or business. I consistently invest in my ongoing education, my equipment, the solutions I use, and the techniques I employ to serve you with the highest integrity.

I always remain engaged in the best practices of my industry by staying up-to-date on all the advancements in the carpet cleaning industry. I am an instructor and teacher of carpet cleaning techniques for others in the Cypress Texas area, and I approach challenging fabric care situations with a can-do attitude. If it's possible to remove a stubborn stain, for example, I have the experience and the knowledge to remove it, and get your carpets looking the best it can be.

We strive for 5-star service for carpet cleaning in Cypress, TX

five stars

If you have any questions about the circumstances in your home's carpeting, I'm eager to answer them. Just ask! From the top equipment that I invest in, to the solutions I choose, my goal is to provide you with the safest and most effective cleaning possible. Your happiness is guaranteed! My Pro Cleaner™ provides a total full-service experience which includes pre-vacuuming with an high-powered vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filtration system to protect your indoor air quality from dust and allergens that can become airborne through most common vacuum cleaners. Then I pre-treat the cleanable areas, and protect your walls and furniture with effective safeguards, so you won't have to worry about bumps and nicks that can leave marks.

My Pro Cleaner™ is dedicated to openness, and I want to keep you well informed about what I do. I will enthusiastically answer your questions, and you can even check out our growing "Pro Advice" pages on the website to answer common questions.

clean beautiful truck-mounted cleaning equipment
powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment

We use the Best Equipment and Cleaning Solutions for Carpet Cleaning in Cypress TX

Carpet cleaners have a lot of choices when it comes to our truck-mounted cleaning equipment. I believe that Stronger, Hotter, and Softer is Better — which means cleaner, healthier carpets for your Home or Business in Cypress, TX.

I believe that the best cleaning methods and equipment bring the best results. This is why I only invest in top-of-the-line equipment with powerful suction to remove the deepest dirt, and super hot water to most effectively clean. I also invest in the extras that budget cleaners don't invest in. For example, we added a premium water softener to our cleaning unit which enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning solutions, and which leaves your carpets fresh and soft, unlike the hard water which can leave your carpets feeling a little stiff to the touch.

One of my client's most asked question has to do with the necessary drying time after a thorough steam cleaning (hot water extraction)
I use many available methods to reduce the drying time of your carpets, so you can get back to your regular routines sooner! For my clients that need for the fastest drying time possible, ask me about the special techniques and equipment I can use to reduce your drying time to under an hour! For more information, please read my article dedicated to "Drying Time" — Drying Time After Professional Carpet Cleaning.

We will vacuum your carpets before every deep cleaning in Cypress TX.

To achieve the best results, we pre-vacuum every room before we deep clean with Hot Water Extraction, the gold-standard of carpet cleaning methods.

The vacuum we use has industrial-strength power, and yet it is surprisingly quiet. It is especially effective at removing pet hair before a deep steam cleaning, and it has rubber-coated wheels and bumpers to protect your walls and furniture from "little accidents".

We do not compromise on the quality of our equipment,
and we never cut corners on our complete service for Cypress TX residents and businesses.

vacuum cleaner used to pre-vacuum carpets

Green Carpet Cleaning Alternative
in Cypress TX!

We are proud to now offer a natural alternative to our regular carpet cleaning solutions. We can confidently offer a soap-free carpet cleaning alternative that meets our superior standards for safety. This is for my clients who value a "green" lifestyle or those who are concerned with soap and chemical sensitivities.

We have put many alternative solutions to the test, and we've discovered a product that gives the results that we can offer with confidence. We have a very high standard of health, safety, and clean. Ask us about our green carpet cleaning!

The Personal Carpet Cleaning Approach
for your home in Cypress, TX

My Pro Cleaner™ is an owner-operated business. I will be your cleaner each time you schedule an appointment. I don't send young inexperienced technicians to clean your home. I am personally on each job, every time.

For a top-rated service experience in Cypress, Texas, you can count on My Pro Cleaner™

My Pro Cleaner™ is a fully-licensed and insured company with over 15 years of cleaning experience in Cypress, Texas. We provide superior workmanship, and use the gold-standard of powerful, truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning equipment. 100% Happiness guaranteed!

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Green Carpet Cleaning

All-natural, eco-friendly, soap-free carpet cleaning services
that exceed our Superior Standards of cleaning results.

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No More Odors —
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Just Beautiful, Clean, Healthy Carpets

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