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Hello, I am Josh Almanza, owner of My Pro Cleanerâ„¢, a professional home cleaning business serving homeowners in the Spring Texas area since 2004.

I always take a lot of pride in my business and workmanship. I believe that tile and grout cleaning is a craft, and I am committed to providing the highest quality work to make your tile and grout healthy and bright as if it was brand new! I really enjoy cleaning tile and grout!

My Pro Cleaner uses top equipment and professional techniques to get even the toughest grout stains out on your tile surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom (or anywhere) — with hard-surfaces floors, tile shower walls, and counter tops.

A sparkling clean and healthy kitchen and bathroom is my goal. The bacteria and buildup that has accumulated in your grout over time may seem like a daunting chore. But My Pro Cleaner has hundreds of customers since 2004 that are shocked at the results I can achieve. Our tile and grout cleaning services are just the thing you need for a seamless result.

Spring Texas residents call Josh Almanza at 713-545-1316 to schedule a deep cleaning to eliminate the grime and bacteria in and around all your tile surfaces.

We use high-pressure quality truck-mounted equipment that puts out 800 psi of pressure, along with 200 degree water, to deep clean and sanitize hard tile surfaces. We also seal the grout lines to help protect them from becoming dirty from daily use.

My Pro Cleaner will seal natural stone as well as man-made stone surfaces to enhance their beauty for years to come. It's been great restoring tile and grout, and making the homeowners excited again about their tile surfaces.

When you hire us, you can expect:

  • Quick, reliable, friendly, and affordable service
  • The most safe and effective cleaning solutions
  • Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment
  • Prompt and On-time arrival!

If there's something in your grout, we can get it out!
Contact Josh at My Pro Cleaner today to schedule tile cleaning services in the Spring Texas area.

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