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Tile & Grout
Cleaning Service
Humble, Texas
Josh Almanza, Master Cleaner
Residential and Business

SINCE 2004

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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
Humble, Texas

Humble Texas Residents:
Let's work magic
on your Tile & Grout

I really enjoy cleaning tile & grout, and watching the homeowners and business owners get excited about the look of their hard surface floors and other stone and tile surfaces in Humble, Texas.

Let My Pro Cleaner™ remove the tough grout stains and discoloring that builds up between the tiles. My Pro Cleaner™ will seal your natural stone and man-made stone surfaces to enhance their beauty for years to come, and make them easier to keep clean on a daily basis. It's been great restoring tile and grout, hard-surface floors, shower walls, and counter tops for homes and businesses in Humble, Texas since 2004.

Bacteria builds up on your tile and penetrates the small pores in your grout. For a healthy home, grout cleaning services are just the thing you need.

Using over 200 degree water and 800 psi of pressure from our state of the art equipment, we kill the bacteria and remove the stains leaving your tile looking great — and healthy! We also seal the grout lines to protect them from becoming dirty quickly from daily use.

Call Josh at 713-545-1316
to discuss your tile and grout cleaning needs for your home or business space in Humble, Texas

Whether it's in your kitchen, your bathrooms, or your business space — let's get your tile and grout looking like new again!

Serving Humble Texas
since 2004

When you choose My Pro Cleaner™ for your tile & grout cleaning services in Humble Texas, you'll soon fall in love with your tile surfaces again. This isn't an exaggeration. I've seen it happen over and over. Restoring the original luster and shine of your tile floors, counters, and other surfaces brings joy to my clients.

If there's stuff in your grout, we'll get it out!

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to schedule tile cleaning services
in Humble, Texas and surrounding communities.

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When you hire My Pro Cleaner™
you can expect:
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  • The most safe and effective cleaning solutions available
  • The results that only state-of-the-art cleaning equipment can provide