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Carpet Cleaning Conroe, TX
SINCE 2004

Thank you for choosing My Pro Cleaner! TX

We look forward to serving you. We want you to have the best 5-star experience — with the least amount of inconvenience. In order to achieve that goal, we kindly ask you to do a few simple things to prepare for our visit:


Carpet Cleaning Day:
Before We Arrive:

  • Protect breakable and valuable items from the rooms we will be cleaning by removing them prior to our arrival.
  • Please remove items like floor-plants, ottomans, small tables, magazine racks, dining-room chairs — and other small items like toys and books.
  • Please secure your pets away from the areas being cleaned. Some of the sounds may scare them, and we will being going in and out of the house, and don’t want pets to get loose!
  • Please free up a parking space for our cleaning van as close as possible to the entryway of your property.
  • Nobody knows your home or business like you do! Please take notes, so that during our pre-inspection walk-through, you can point out any spots and high-traffic lanes that you are especially concerned about.
  • Clip or pin up drapes and bed skirts that are touching the floor.
  • We recommend dusting the furniture and baseboards in the rooms to be cleaned to avoid dust becoming airborne and settling on your freshly cleaned carpets.

Good news!

There’s no need for you to vacuum your carpets before we arrive! We pre-vacuum your carpets with an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner — with a hospital-grade HEPA filter — to prepare your carpets for the most thorough cleaning possible!

After Your Pro Carpet Cleaning:

  • CAUTION: Although My Pro Cleaner is committed to fast drying times, we still recommend caution as carpets may be damp for a few hours. Walking from a damp carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery!
  • For health & safety, keep children and pets off recently cleaned carpet for a few hours, especially if you have us professionally apply fresh carpet spill protector.
  • To minimize drying time, please ventilate the area by opening windows (not during rain or very humid days) — and increase air circulation with your heater or air conditioner fans.
  • To avoid stains or rust spots, please don’t replace any small items — such as floor lamps, tables, chairs, magazine holders — back on the carpet for a few hours.
    We will use blocks under furniture legs to protect the furniture. Please do not remove these pads or blocks until the carpet is 100% dry.

Houston and Spring, Texas Residents:
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