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For Pet Owners — How to Keep your Carpets Clean & Odor-free!

My Pro Cleaner™
Josh Almanza, Owner SINCE 2004

As your professional carpet cleaner, I believe it’s helpful for my clients to write about keeping your carpets in great shape — between professional deep cleanings — especially for my clients who own pets!

I’m here to help you in any way I can.

I may only see you once a year when I come to deep clean your carpets, but my clients who own pets have the challenge of maintaining a clean carpet every day.

This series of articles is for you.

Important: Always check your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning stains, especially if your carpet is new and under warranty.

What tasks do you need to perform
on a regular schedule to keep
pet fur, dander, stains, and tracked-in dirt in check?

How often should you vacuum?

How do you handle occasional pet accidents?

How can you prepare in advance so you are ready to take immediate action?

Let’s Get Prepared!

If you are in the middle of an urgent clean-up crisis,
go immediately to one of these guideline articles…

  1. Pet Pee COMING SOON
  2. Pet Poop
  3. Pet Puke

Do you know what your carpet is made of?

You may want to check with your carpet manufacturer for cleaning instructions specific for your carpeting.

For example, if your carpet is a beautiful wool or wool blend, you should avoid using ammonia — it can damage wool carpets.

If you’re ready to prepare for future pet accidents, congratulations for thinking ahead!
You’ll be glad you did.

Let’s make a “kit”.
On your next shopping list
, be sure to add the following items and materials, so you’ll be ready for action. These common household items should effectively keep you covered for most pet accidents:

  1.  Dish Soap**
  2.  Spray Bottle
  3.  Distilled White Vinegar
  4.  3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  5.  Dishwashing Gloves
  6.  Spoon, Old Spatula, (or some type of scraper)
  7.  Spotless White Towel or Rag
  8.  Old Newspapers
  9.  Small Plastic Trash Bags

** Regarding Dish Soap: a clear, non-bleach liquid dishwashing detergent such as Dawn, Joy, or clear Ivory is recommended. Do not use detergents that are cloudy or creamy because they may leave a sticky residue. I like to be prepared, so I have a little dish soap ready to go in a small vessel where I can add water and put it in a spray bottle at the moment I need it.
A note on Hydrogen Peroxide:
According to the CDC, household hydrogen peroxide (3%) is effective in deactivating certain germs. Pour it undiluted into a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet stain to be cleaned, and let it sit on the surface for 6 – 8 minutes.

More than you ever wanted to know about Hydrogen Peroxide, from the CDC
Store these items together in a small area of your pantry or on a shelf, so they’ll be all together and ready when you need them.

Always test any solution or product on a small patch of your carpet for colorfastness before using it on stains. Choose a tiny hidden area of your carpeting (or if you have a small sample square of your carpet stowed away somewhere) and test the above materials for colorfastness.

Other helpful (optional) equipment for pet messes:

  1. UV Blacklight Flashlight : Sometimes you may smell a pee stain, but not know exactly where it is. Wavelengths in a blacklight cause urine spots to glow, making it easier to find new and old stains. Even pet stains that weren’t cleaned properly with an enzyme-based cleaner will show up under black light.
  2. A Wet Vac: This piece of equipment may be a bit pricy, but will be helpful in your treatment of accidents on your carpet.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner with a HEPA Filter: I recommend this type of vacuum cleaner to everyone.For a more detailed discussion on vacuums and vacuuming, see this article.

When to call a professional

My Pro Cleaner™ has been applying the art and science of handling pet-carpet situations in the Spring Texas area since 2004. We consider handling difficult pet odor and stain problems as a craft — not just a job.

There are special techniques and solutions that we are specially trained to use. And in our 15+ years of experience, we’ve achieved amazing results. If the simple steps in our “Daily Pet Maintenance” article don’t solve your specific odor or stain problem, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.

In the most difficult situations, we will do everything in our power to help prevent you from having to replace sections of your carpet.

Together, we’ll keep your carpets fresh, clean, and in optimal condition for all the people and pets in your home!

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