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Tips and Tricks to Help your Carpet Last Longer

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Josh Almanza, Owner SINCE 2004

Your carpet brings a warm, beautiful, and cozy environment that enhances your home’s interior. The plush feeling of new carpet feels wonderful to walk on, and it looks bright, beautiful, and spot-free. New carpeting is a significant investment, so it is truly in your best interest to keep it well-maintained for its expected lifespan.

Whether your carpet is brand new, or several years old, My Pro Cleaner™ wants to be your partner in maintaining the longest-lasting performance and beauty of one of your home’s largest investments. In this article, I’d like to suggest ways to help you prolong the life, beauty, health, and that plush performance of your carpets.

Your Carpet Can Last Longer with Proper Care and Maintenance.

The average expected lifespan of a residential carpet is estimated to be from 5 to 20 years — depending the type of carpet, the amount of wear it is exposed to, and your commitment to cleaning and maintaining it. Since new carpets are so expensive to install, I believe that homeowners want their carpets to look great and perform well into the late stages of their carpet’s life expectancy.

I have dedicated a significant amount of time and study to be your top partner in carpet care. I’ve networked with the top 2% of expert carpet cleaners nationwide. And from my learning and experience, I’ve created this list of tips to help you get the most life out of your home’s beautiful carpets.

My Pro Cleaner’s Top Recommendations to Prolong your Carpet’s Lifespan

I think of the life stages of carpets in terms of “levels of appearance and performance”. Brand new, beautiful, plush carpets newly installed start out as “new”.

Over time, your carpets will naturally depreciate to “good”, then “fair”, and finally “poor” after years of use; just like clothes, towels, rugs, and other fabrics in your home.

If you want to keep your carpets looking and performing like new for as long as possible, without letting its condition dip below “fair” after only 10 years of use, I feel that it is absolutely in your best interest to follow as many of these recommendations as you feel comfortable with:

Disciplined Vacuuming: This is the most obvious tip. A strong commitment to weekly and proper vacuuming habits is essential. Vacuuming removes the surface dirt that can age your carpets every time you walk on them. Surface contaminants such as dust and dirt are gritty, and it can slowly damage the fibers with every step you take. I’d like to encourage you to read my article: Vacuuming Tips and Tricks for Better Cleaning to make the most out of your vacuuming sessions.

Clean Up Spills Immediately: If you spill something on your carpet, don’t despair! But do take the time to address it immediately. The more you do in the first moments after a spill, the better your chances are to prevent permanent stains and damage. Think of it as first aid. For most spills, it is an important first step to dilute and absorb as much of the spill as possible right away. Leaving spills to be addressed later allows for more damage to be done, and risks a permanent ugly stain. I have a spill section in my blog to help you with some of the most common household spills. I hope the advice can help you! Carpet Spot and Spills Guide

Get some Inexpensive Area Rugs: Adding area rugs to some high-traffic areas can really help to extend the life of your carpet. They can add some style and personality to your living room, and they protect your carpets from excessive wear in high-traffic areas. Adding an area rug will also reduce the risk of accidental spills landing on your beautiful carpet.

No Shoes Allowed: Taking off your shoes when entering the household is a common practice within some cultures. This is done as a sign of respect, but it also cuts down on the impact of your feet on high-traffic areas. It also clearly cuts down on outside dirt making its way into your home on the soles of your shoes. Therefore, you may consider “No Shoes” zones in your carpeted rooms.

Change the Flow of your Rooms: Take a look under your furniture and see how different your carpet looks and feels when it’s protected from walking traffic. I think it’s an interesting idea to periodically change the layout of your carpeted rooms from time to time. If you keep rooms arranged the same way year after year, the wear patterns on your carpet become very obvious. Try rearranging furniture to break up and prevent noticeable wear and strain patterns on your carpet.

Hire a Professional Cleaner at Recommended Intervals: Last, but not least, I recommend regularly hiring a professional carpet cleaner that uses high-powered hot water extraction method. I hope you’ll see My Pro Cleaner™ as your partner in prolonging the life of your carpets.

Just like your clothes, hair, linens, and other fabrics and textiles — carpets need to be deep-cleaned on more than just the special occasions. My Pro Cleaner™ is highly invested in state-of-the-art powerful deep cleaning equipment, solutions, and technology that exceeds carpet manufacturers’ recommendations. Please read my article about My Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment to see how serious I am about investing in equipment, add-ons, and the best solutions the industry has to offer in order to provide all my clients with exceptionally superior results.

How often should you have your carpet professionally cleaned? Please check out my article on this topic.

Routine Carpet Cleanings Only Get You So Far

Vacuuming and cleaning up spills are part of maintaining a clean home in general. But even having great home maintenance habits are truly not enough to maximize the life of your carpets. Carpets need deep cleaning periodically. Vacuuming and spot cleaning will remove the dirt and other contaminants from the surface of your carpet, but it cannot remove oil-based contaminants that naturally occur in homes, and it cannot remove the deep-down gritty contaminants that can damage fibers near the base, and it cannot remove germs, dust mites, and bacteria that can accumulate in that your carpets. This is where My Pro Cleaner™ excels.

Is it Time to Replace your Carpets?

It is important to remember that sometimes no amount of cleaning or professional help can recover 10-20 year-old carpets if they are worn out, and it is time for them to be replaced. If you are noticing more and more signs of wear, and if you are constantly battling recurring stains, permanent discoloration, and unravelling carpet fibers beginning to “bloom”, or if there’s an odor you just can’t get rid of, it may be time to invest in a new carpet.

Or maybe not!

My Pro Cleaner™ may be able to get a few more years of use out of your carpets. I’d love the opportunity to give you an honest assessment and a free estimate. Just let me know what you are thinking. I could possibly restore to an acceptable “good” condition.

Hire My Pro Cleaner™ as your Partner in Prolonging the Life of your Carpet.

Carpet manufacturers recommend pro hot water extraction cleaning at regular schedules to maintain their warranties and guarantees. Let My Pro Cleaner™ help you! Happiness and perfectly clean carpets are my mission, and my years of experience and study have allowed me to provide you with exceptional service, every time.

Call today to ask any questions you have, and to let us help you get on the right track towards keeping your carpets looking great and performing like new for its entire long lifespan.

Contact My Pro Cleaner™

Here at My Pro Cleaner™, I take carpet cleaning very seriously. It’s my professional craft. Professional-quality cleaning products combined with years of experience has made me confident that I could add a decade or more to the life to your carpet.

I am happy to serve Texas residents and businesses in Spring TX, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, and Tomball areas, as well as the greater Northern Houston area.

I take great pride in my work and my entire business. Since 2004, I have been truly committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and customer service in carpet and fabric care for your TX home or business, including cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile, and rugs.

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